Animals showing pain

I receive a lot of insight from the animal companions about how much pain they are in and new patterns and behaviors they create to let their people know they’re uncomfortable. A lot of animals that are aging or in the throws of a disease show me how much more they’re beginning to pace to get comfortable or pace to help move through the pain they’re experiencing.


Another sign is a disruption in their sleep pattern, which usually disrupts the humans sleep as well. Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night panting, pacing, wanting to go outside, and shifting around a lot tend to be signs that the animal companion isn’t feeling well.


Digging. Some animals do “nest” to get comfy for their sleep but others who don’t normally nest begin to dig in the carpet or their bed as another sign of discomfort and pain. A lot of animals would like pain meds before bed so that is something to talk to your veterinarian about and how to adjust the pain meds throughout the day.


You know your fur friend and you know when new behaviors or patterns or when something feels “off” with your fur kid and it usually has something to do with pain. This comes up a lot in animal communication sessions and it felt important to share from the animals perspective. Thank you!


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