Animals are very sentient beings

I am very honored to have written an article for FETCH magazine for the spring issue. It comes up a lot and I wanted to share more about it, especially with therapy animals; including all animals, dogs, cats, birds, horses etc… They needed to be cleared BEFORE and AFTER the therapy sessions. That’s very important!
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Animals are very sentient beings, like little psychic sponges, meaning that they are very sensitive and in tune with their environment and their people. It is very common for animals to pick up and take on their humans emotions, the energy of their environment, and begin to take on physical ailments that are not their own. Sometimes they take it on intentionally and unintentionally.


A lot of times the humans will contact me because their animal companion is acting out or acting strangely and need help figuring out what’s going on. While we I am communicating with the animals they quickly turn it back to their human companion and help guide them to what’s going on within or around them that is the true issue or cause of the animals behavior. They’re like children, negative attention IS attention, and whatever way they can get that attention is necessary for the next step of their growth and healing along with the humans in the house.


If their human companion has health issues, their animals can “mirror” that. The owner gets cancer, the animal gets cancer. The owner has diabetes the cat gets diabetes. Their human friend has an injury the animal has an injury or similar to their owner. Sometimes the human and animal have the same disease but the animal eventually succumbs to it and the owner lives. The animal took on its humans illness to save them so their human companion can live out their purpose. “Mirroring” the energy or emotion of the human or environment is how the animal communicates on what needs attention and happens very frequently in the animal communication sessions.


It’s also very common, especially witnessing this as an animal communicator, that the dog will mirror emotional issues. Such as fear, abandonment issues, distrust, anxiety, worry, and other common negative emotions. Animals are brought into our life for healing and teaching us as much as we are for them so they highlight that issue and mirror back to us what needs to be healed. As their humans, it’s important it begin to correct and heal that pattern. Sometimes we need professional help to change that pattern or just becoming more mindful of it while begin to make that necessary change for them both.


It’s not a reflection of us being “bad humans or companions” to the animal but more of an awakening that the animal is able to get to where as if another human brought it up to our attention it’s less likely to make as big of an impact on the human. We’ve all come to this planet to help each other heal, grow and evolve. Animals tend to reach places in our heart and soul that we would not allow other some people access to. They’re helping us to wake up and point out what is not working right now. It may be a little uncomfortable to hear at first but then after that it becomes a very empowering experience and the bond deepens even more with their animal friend.


Another important note is that therapy dogs are very in tune and sensitive to the people and the environment they will be visiting, including in home therapy dogs. Whether it’s for hospice care, veterans, any type of rehab, visiting children, all that energy adds up and takes a toll. Over time it can weigh on them physically and energetically almost like they’re depressed, the glint in the eyes disappear and they no longer want to jump in the car to go, they dig their paws into to the ground as if you can only drag or carry them into the facility, or hide under desks.


If we can learn to clear their energy field before and after the therapy session the dogs keep their energy clear and light and then able to be a dog and let their work go.


One clients therapy dog said it no longer wanted to work in hospice and now wanted to work with children. The dog said it’s happier energy and lighter and the dog felt more in alignment on it’s purpose. Death and dying was too hard for the dog. It was too heavy and sad.


How humans process and release energy is by going for a walk, a drive, call a friend, yell, cry, scream, break things. Animals they don’t have as many options. They’ll process an release their energy or frustration by being destructive, excessive licking and overground, chewing, run, eat things they normally don’t. With animals it tends to build and build until they ultimately do something very destructive or have a health crisis. That’s why it’s important to clear your own energy, the animals energy field, their environment, vehicle and if they go to work with you.


This comes up a lot in animal communication sessions on a regular basis.
Cars, home, work environment need to be energetically kept clean so that animal friend doesn’t have to take that on, whether it’s by choice or not, and communicating to the animal exactly what is going on because they know but would like details.


Examples of when to clear:
After doggy day care, the dog park, the vet, a death in the house, a dog fight, a job change, move, divorce, adding on to the human or animal family, health crisis and the list goes on. Anything that feels like there is a lot of negative energy or chaos. A chaotic environment can make for a chaotic animal. Before and after a therapy session for the animal companion…


How to clear and shield the animals energy field:
There are many ways but here are a few tips. A spray bottle with an essential oil you can mist over and around them, in the car and back at home. Some don’t like this misters so you can spray it on your hands, rub your palms together and gently stroke down their body with the intention of clearing their energy field. Play a cleansing CD by Mitchell Gibson off of iTunes or Amazon you can play at home and in the car.


Play a soft and soothing music for animals, which there are a lot of.
Visualize a protective bubble of light around them from nose to tail, from tips of ears to the bottom of their paws. Stating the intent only love and light may penetrate this bubble. Prayer, burning sage.


Cleansing all of those on regular basis is very important for a healthy and balanced animal. Depending on what’s going on for the human or animals it may be needed more frequently until things begin to calm down. It may seem silly but clearing energy for the animals will make a big difference. It helps both the humans and animals.


Stacy Krafczyk is a professional Animal Communicator Specialist, Psychic/Medium and Reiki Master Teacher who teaches classes all over Wisconsin and helps build the interspecies communication on a deeper level.



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