Animals & Reincarnation

This question comes up A LOT and there are so many variables with animals and reincarnation.


First, I’d love to recommend a book for you to read called  “Animals in Spirit” by Penelope Smith.  She is the original founder or “grandmother” of the interspecies communication, otherwise known as animal communication.  Penelope has been a true pioneer and animal advocate for animals her whole life and teaching this skill to thousands of others.  I have been blessed to have been able to study with her for several years.  Even the wild animals know of “her.”  She is truly a gifted and remarkable animal ambassador!


Do animals come back?
Yes, animals can and do come back in other animal forms, which is called “reincarnation.” I was not raised with the belief of reincarnation but through this work I have seen this time and time again with so much proof and validation that it truly is undeniable.

Do all animals chose or want to come back?
No, not all animals chose to come back for various reasons. It’s not that they don’t love their humans, sometimes it’s that they learned what they needed to on earth and helped where they were supposed to that their lessons are complete. Some animals go through a lot of pain and discomfort and chose not to do that again even though they can chose a new body. Plus, it’s easier to help from the spirit plane.

Can animals chose different species to come back in?
Yes, they can chose a different breed, domestic, wildlife or even an exotic species depending on what their soul is needing to learn or help etc…

Do animals stay in the same form, male or female?
They can stay the same gender but some come back and want to experience the opposite sex. It is up to them.

Do the animals return back to the same people or chose different people?
That varies as well.  I’ve had several friends and clients that have had their dog come back in 3 different bodies, which has spanned over 30 years of their life.  It has truly been amazing to witness myself because it still blows my mind even though I know it to be true.

Can animals say they’re coming back and change their minds?
YES, most definintely they can change their minds and send in another animal who may need us or we need them more.  They may chose to return after “the next” one, which happens frequently.

Remember that being on the earthy plane is like a heavy weight, like a rock, moving about the planet.  When souls return to the spirit plane it’s a weightless, unlimited, jubiliant state and they can do so much more without restrictions than here on the earth.  A lot of people forget how challenging it is here.  Earth is like a school and we’re constantly learning and growing.

Plus, sometimes us humans become very reliant on our animal companions for many things that they can become vices, excuses, and crutches that we forget to really live life the way we should.  It can be hard to read that but it’s true. It’s true for people too that we become so used to being in our comfort zone that we don’t do anything new or exciting becuase we’re just coasting through life.

We’re meant to live life with gusto and experiencing each moment as though it were new.  Animal companions help us to heal, teach, grow, share and evolve and sometimes we forget to do our work.

That’s it for now. 



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06/14/2022 by Susan

My beloved cat Willy passed away on March 10, 2022 at age 17. I made a pack with him by holding his paw and saying "We have a pack, between you Willy and me Susan and God, because we are Soulmates, and I will look everywhere for you and find you and you will look everywhere and find me". I am interested in a kitten and she was born on February 28, 2022, ten days BEFORE Willy passed away. My question is can there be a Soul Agreement between the two cats that Willy's Soul can go into this new Kitten? Thanks so much for your help! Susan :-)

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