Animal Communication is not a substitute for great veterinary care or training

Animal Communication is a very important tool and key to people and their animal companions overall wellbeing. It is NOT a substitute for good veterinary care and training. 


Animal Communication can tap into what the animal is feeling, any questions or concerns about upcoming events, how to help the animal understand any new changes and challenges coming up and much more… But good veterinary care keeps your animals healthy and happy. Trainers help you build confidence within yourself and helps your animal companion to fully understand more clearly what you would like from there. Sometimes we send them mixed signals and we confuse our animals but with a knowledgable and kind trainer, they can help clear up any confusion and help deepen the bond and trust between the two of you. Animal communication just adds to that greatness!


As important as AC (animal communication/communicator for short) is, it is not the only thing or one cure for all the issues relating with your fur friend. Nothing is a substitute for great veterinary care and animal training are another great tool to deepen your bond and help curb any other problems from arising or worsening. Even having a trainer visit your home to help you and your animal trust and build confidence can do wonders for your relationship, muchless any other issues you may be having. Trust and Confidence are huge for animals who have been fostered, rehomed, and have


I use a fabulous holistic vet for I’m well versed in one area but need a veterinarian who is also well versed in theirs to help with my animals needs. There are several colleagues I use to help me with my fur kids to reach and heal things I’m too close to do or get on my own.

All successful people have coaches, mentors, and colleagues they use to help them reach the next level. The same goes for AC and other modalities.


I don’t pretend to know everything nor am I suppose to. I’ve taken many classes, courses, seminars etc… and also worked in an animal shelters for over a decade so I am familiar with a lot, but not everything.


ANYONE who shares their life with a furry friend IS intuitively connected with them but just not all consciously of “HOW” they’re already doing it. That’s why it’s imperative to take an AC course or class, online or in person, to get some helpful tips and pointers to fully understand how they’re communicating back to you. You will be amazed at how many lightbulbs will go off as you take these courses of how you’ve already received some messages and how ‘easy’ it truly is. In all my classes I’ve taught I’ve never had 1 person not get anything. That’s huge so you know you can do it, even if you’re a left brained, type A personality. LOL Yes, you can!


Some people will use AC as a vice or crutch because they don’t trust themselves or the messages they’re receiving. Sometimes it’s understandable when there is a crisis and when shit hits the fan we lose all sense of ourselves and the messages. I get it. That’s different. But not something that one needs to check in with an AC for every little thing. Part of AC is teaching the client as well as validating the client for what they’re already receiving or knowing but just need a friendly “yes, that’s correct” to empower themselves with that sense of self. We all need that.


AC is meant to empower you with your fur kids, to trust the messages or impressions youre receiving, and validating your own internal GPS that is buzzing within you knowing something is “off” with your fur friend. How many times do you know or even say oh, my animal is mad at me? Or they’re not feeling good? Or something just doesn’t seem right? It’s because you KNOW your fur friends and you’re energetically connected to them that’s why, so you just know.


When you’re questioning do I call an Animal Communicator and a Vet, call the vet! Something is off and you can feel it. Once the animal has been to the vet you can ease your mind knowing the animal isn’t suffering instead of having to wait for a few days to weeks to receive an AC appointment. There are exceptions to all the rules but one huge sign is always ‘TRUST YOUR GUT!’ It’s never wrong. Don’t make your animal suffer until you receive validation from someone else. It is a learning process but you know your animal so please remember that when you’re deciding if the vet is the right place to go.


If you’re thinking your animal needs to see the vet, then your animal does. It will ease your mind and ease your animals pain or discomfort.


Thank you for being such great animal parents, guardians, and friends!

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