Animal Communication Class

Unveil the mystery of telepathic communication with animals! Discover the true identity of animals- their emotional and spiritual nature, how animals communicate and understand what we say to them and what prevents humans from receiving their messages.


Find out how telepathic communication can help you:

  1. Understand animals’ behavior, problems, needs and feelings.
  2. Enhance your relationships with the other species.
  3. Create more joy and harmony in your life.
  4. Facilitate personal spiritual growth and planetary healing.

Get your wildest questions about communication with animals answered!


Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Stacy discovered that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans.  The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her educational background, working at an animal shelter and an animal control facility, years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior and care.  Plus, receiving firsthand education from thousands of animals she has connected with over the years.  Stacy focuses on increasing interspecies understanding, resolving behavior problems, and helping to restore overall well being.

Stacy’s work has been features in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, blog radio shows and countless facilities throughout Wisconsin, the United States and abroad.  She has developed tried and true telepatchi communication techniques, which complement current scientific knowede and traditional methods.  Her lectures, workshops, and published works increase people’s abilities to understand and communicate with animals on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

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