Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a form of intuitive or telepathic communication, a non-verbal language. It is something that we all are born with and is a very natural ability that we all have. All animals are able to communicate with us through telepathy, including wildlife and exotic animals. The size of the animal does not matter, it’s their ability to communicate with us, for the smallest animals can have the most profound and powerful messages.


They all have characteristics and personalities as we humans do and with the same spectrum of feelings and emotions we experience. Some animals are excessive talkers and love to talk while others are a little slower to respond depending on their ability or desire to communicate. Stacy will share with you how she is able to build that bridge of communication between the animal kingdom and their human companions.

Reasons for Animal Communication

  • Health Problems
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Moving
  • Changing Groomers or Veterinarian
  • A General Check-In
  • Vacation
  • Death & Dying
  • Adding to your family


There are many other reasons and your animal is definitely waiting and wanting to begin a dialogue with you. Allow Stacy to help you in building that dynamic and deepen the bond with you and your animal companion.


Animal Communication appointments are also available through the telephone lines. Since animals communicate telepathically, it is not necessary for Stacy to be in the same room or location as your animal companion. Over 70% of Stacy’s work is successfully provided over the phone all across the U.S. and other countries. Telephone consultations are just as successful as in-person consultations and more time efficient for both you and Stacy. All Phone appointments must be prepaid in advance to reserve your space.


Stacy likes to encourage people to let their animal companions know that the appointment is coming up so that the animal is prepared. The animal companion will be more prepared, open and ready to talk, especially if they think that they are in trouble. That can be done just be verbally telling them like you would to a human. They will understand it and have a sense or knowing that the conversation will be different. Stacy also recommends writing a list of questions down prior to your appointment so that can be your guide to make sure your questions get answered by the time the session ends. (Most of the time the animals will answer all of the questions on the list without ever “hearing” them!)


She will connect with your animal by first looking at a picture of your animal companion. She will then ask her/him permission if they would like to talk today. Once she gets an ‘okay’, she’ll hold open a connection between herself and your animal during the consultation.


Stacy will listen to whatever your animal wants to say first, relay this to you, relay your response to your animal, then ask your animals any questions you may have. Often an answer will build upon another question and so on. Remember, our animals want to communicate with us, so they’re usually happy and relieved by the process. Most of the time the animal will just lay, sit or stand there quietly not looking like they are doing much or may act differently and look rather intently at you during your session. This is because they are paying close attention to the conversation.


Many people report that after a communication session that their animals seem happier and more content and that they understand their animal companions better. Sometimes their animals troubling behavior can change almost instantly. Animals report that it feels good to be heard and to be understood. People and their animal companions find consultations quite enlightening, relieving and healing in many ways.


**As of January 1st prices will be increasing. You may purchase a single gift certificate for yourself to use within 6 months of the purchase. Thank you for honoring one gift certificate per person. Blessings!**

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