A Rebecca Moment…

A Rebecca moment:


Rebecca is pushing me to share with you because many people are feeling her presence, or the absence left behind, and needing their own validation. It’s important to share your own stories, experiences and validations with others who know so you may keep her energy alive within you. It may be challenging at times to share but it does reinforce your connection with her.


I had quite the magical and healing day, especially after a session with my gifted friend and colleague Kathy Hill from Wholesome Junction. Thanks Kathy!! I fell 1,000 times lighter, clearer, motivated and then some. (www.wholesomejunction.com)


After I came home I went on a nature walk and was being very mindful of my movements and feeling extremely grateful. I always thank the Universe for all the wonderful things in my life and just being able to be on a walk honestly is one of them. Plus, Rebecca is always part of my gratitude prayers, thanksgiving, and daily connections.

As I was coming out over a marsh I stopped on the bridge to just take in this magical energy and continue with my gratitude list when I saw a deer hopping through the marsh. It stopped, turned and looked at me. I knew right away it was Rebecca. Every since her passing she always showed up as a deer and even in my own backyard at night. She does show up in other ways and forms but this is one major one for me.


Tears streamed down my face and my heart was overflowing with love from her. She stomped her hoof, I answered back with stomping one of mine. She moved her head up and so did I. That happened 3 times in a row with her hoof and her head, then she turned and walked into the forest. I stayed there taking it all; the love, the sadness, the emptiness, the connection and all the human emotions that comes up when she visits.


It doesn’t seem to change, it just varies moment by moment and day by day. Rebecca is still with us all in her own ways doing her magic from the spirit plane with our friends, family and furry companions. She continues to pop through in classes and sessions with her clients passing on messages and healing energy. I’m very grateful to deliver and receive messages myself even though it can be very emotionally for me both ways but it’s all part of the healing journey.


I also stumbled across old recordings on my Blackberry from class with her, personal readings and messages from her. WOW, what gems to hear her voice, giggle, and teachings!! Now, I’m looking into downloading them off of my phone to my computer so I can treasure them forever. A beautiful reminder and gift from Rebecca that she’s always sending signs or messages she’s around. I do have an entire inbox folder just with her emails and class emails to treasure as well. Good stuff!


I’m forever grateful and always open for the magic she brings me each day! Know she’s with you, guiding you and giving you signs regularly. Sometimes its just hard to see them or be open to them for it may be too overwhelming at times but the more we stay open to those emotions the more it’ll continue to heal us through it. Rebecca is a true gift and blessing to us all!


Sending hugs n healing energy to you!

Nighty night,


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