2 Hour Animal Communication with Horses

Calling all horse people!


Due to the magnitude of the world around us I’m offering a 2 hour animal communication call on Monday, March 30th specifically for my horse people being at home and unable to go to the barn to visit their beloved horses.


Right now we’re experiencing a very intense time for us humans and our animal friends. This 2 hour class is focused specifically on our horse people: boarders, barn owners, and all horse lovers and you can use this with ALL your furry friends.  You will be able to use this tool now and everyday after class.  That’s how important and EASY animal communication is.


This empowering class will help teach you the basics of how to intuitively communicate with your horses while you are away and bring you a sense of peace of mind and spirit.  A few, easy and quick techniques to learn and begin to use immediately.

This is also a great class for barn owners to help calm and sooth the horses being boarded at their barn while their humans are away. and use clear communication as each day unfolds.  It will bring you and your horses a sense of deep calm and peace through the uncertainty of the times ahead, which can change at a moments notice.


What you’ll learn is:

  • What exactly animal communication is.
  • How to incorporate that into your daily life.
  • You’ll experience first hand how easy it is and how you’ve already been doing it.
  • Learn specific techniques to successful communicate with your horses while you’re at home and they’re at the barn.
  • I will provide a mini reading for one of the lucky students in class.
  • There will be a short, guided meditation that you may use over and over to ground and center yourself at any time. Plus, it’s a great tool to use before you connect telepathically with your furry friends.

After this class you will have clarity, a clear understanding of how to successfully connect with your horses from home, feel a sense of peace and calm knowing you have a beautiful tool to use during these times and beyond.


The investment is $25 and class runs from 6:30pm-8:30pm CST/ 4:30-6:30 PST on March 30, 2020.




Class will be held through Zoom so you may join us by phone or on a computer.  You do not have to be tech savvy to join us, all you have to do is click the link that is sent prior to the call.


It will be RECORDED and sent out after the class to listen to and replay at your leisure.


You’ll receive a handout prior to class to print off and follow along or use a notebook and take notes.


I SO look forward to enjoying our time together to!

*No refunds 24 hour prior to class*

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