A Deep heartfelt thank you to all the Veteran’s who served our country!  Thank you for your service!


Today marks the two year anniversary of my special boy, Connor Bonnor’s passing. He got his angel wings on 11-11-17. A special day for a special boy.


His passing came quick and he didn’t want ANY extreme measures whatsoever!! 


He played up until the end with the lil energy he had. His favorite was trying to beat me up or down the stairs, EVERY-TIME. He knew, from wherever he was, when I was heading that direction. He had a phenomenal sense of humor and a kittenish spirit . He came in and went out the same way. 


Con Bon was NOT a cat that took pills well or anything external. No ma’am!! He let me know right away to do what could be done without surgery etc… I’d have to sneak to him and boy hed be pissed but eventually forgave me quickly. Thank goodness! But I knew his limits and desires.


Ultimately, he told me it was time and I did my best to honor my sweet boys request 


He was very content and even peaceful right before his time to be let go of his body. He purred happy and loving tones that melted my soul as we communed one last time in the physical. Tears streamed down my face to his soft, gray coat as he conveyed it was time. His passing was smooth and graceful.


As soon as Connor’s soul left his body I knew it and felt it. It was clearly just a heavy, gray body that lay there on the table. His spirit was zipping around like a bee with overflowing joy and freedom that oozed from his soul. It was magical and beautiful but my humanness still felt broken.


My family and friend joined me in the parking lot after I said my goodbyes, I believe his bill was 1110 something which was another auspicious sign.


They ran over to my car to tell me a hawk swooped down less than 20-50 ft away. (Can’t remember but was close) I got out and saw it fly to another tree, perch for a bit, then flew off.


I knew it was Connor saying I’m free mama. Thank you!!


Fly high my lil dude, my massive luv muffin, lap and heart warmer   


Luv u Con Bon 

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