Animal Communicator

As an animal communicator, Stacy assists people and animals in deepening their understanding of each other and resolving the challenges – physical, emotional, and spiritual- that arise in their lives, including helping them to:

  • Understand each other and their purpose together
  • Understand physical illnesses and injuries
  • Understand each other when the animal's behavior is puzzling or seems inappropriate
  • Communicate with each other as an animal nears his transition and after he has made a transition from this world

Energy Work / Reiki

Stacy has learned other energy healing modalities such as chelation, blocks and ins, lines of light, hara line healing and many others.

All energy work assists in releasing anxiety, supporting the immune system, shortening recovery time, and restoring proper energy flow to the body. She will sometimes incorporate crystals and oils into the session as needed.

Intuitive Reading, Mentoring & Coaching

One on one personal learning opportunities in any and all services Stacy provides:

  • Personal Consultations
  • Animal Communication
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

All Spirit Healing Services

  Stacy is a gifted intuitive for both animals and humans. She has diligently honed her craft with study and the willingness to work hard. 

~ Diane Bloom (Owner - Free Spirit Crystals)

Afterlife Communication

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Animal Communication

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Energy Work Reiki

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Intuitive Reading

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Shamanic Journey

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coaching/ mentoring

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Journey to the Heavens

“Journey to the Heavens” is a previously recorded meditation during one of her classes that she offers fee on her Youtube channel. Stacy has 2 free meditations on her channel. She also offers 2 meditations for purchase on her website here.


Stacy has meditated for almost 20 years and credits meditation for saving her life from a suicidal time in her life, debilitating migraines, reducing high levels of stress, releasing her severe anger she’s held in throughout her life, and rediscovering her intuitive gifts. Meditation is the “key” to everything!

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